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Misty Morning

October 21, 2012


The Tide is Turning

October 13, 2012


As I watched Thursday’s installment of Channel 5’s Chronicle on the city of Lynn, I couldn’t help but think about the rat my dog just killed. Sheena the greyhound, 11 years old, you still got it in you. You saw it, you chased it, you clamped your formidable canines on it, shook it and dropped […]

Human Rights Commission Vacancy in City of Lynn

July 30, 2012


The deadline has been extended to Friday, August 3, 2012, 12:00PM, for applications to the Human Rights Commission recently proposed by Councilor at-Large Hong Net and created via ordinance by Lynn City Council. Notice is hereby given that the following vacancies which are appointed by the City Council exist:  Members of the Human Rights Commission. […]

These are the Pros and Cons of Bullet Votes

November 5, 2011


Are you going to vote on Nov. 8th? In the best of all possible worlds, you want your vote to count, right? Maybe if you bullet vote, your vote will count more. Then again, maybe not. In the upcoming election, you can vote for up to 4 of 8 at-Large Councillor candidates and up to […]

The Henry Avenue Park Summit

June 22, 2011


We watched the dark blue sedan climb the hill toward Henry Avenue Park, its driver anonymous behind the glare of the windshield. At the last moment, it took a left instead of continuing straight into the cul-de-sac that served as the playground’s parking area. “That looked like a drive-by,” said Antonio. “That’s the kind of […]

Some Thoughts on Diversity

June 11, 2011


The third annual World Folk Festival at Lynn Heritage State Park kicks off today. [Now postponed to Sunday June 26 because of rain] To this observer, that is an impressive accomplishment that bodes well for Lynn. Everyone who had a hand in organizing the event should be proud. They’ve stuck with it for 3 years in […]

East Lynn Community Association Presents “State of the City”

January 8, 2011


The January 12th meeting of the East Lynn Community Association will host Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy for a “state of the city” type presentation with a question and answer forum following. In addition, representatives of Inspectional Services and DPW will be on hand to address rodent problems and recycling, respectively. The meeting will be held […]

The Snow Job

December 29, 2010


I can’t believe the political shitstorm caused by this latest snowstorm. What a fiasco, Jay Fink. Throwing residents under the bus for throwing snow back into the street. I see it clearly Jay; I’m no victim of snow blindness.  The streets of Lynn were such a mess after the most recent snowstorm that my bus […]

Only 15 Minutes to Discuss our Kids’ Future?

September 7, 2010


by Jesse Jaeger Tuesday August 31st the Lynn School Committee held its annual budget hearing. They took just 15 minutes. I almost missed it because I was running late from work. Three people spoke including me. A 15 minute school budget hearing is just unacceptable for a budget line that makes up almost a third […]

No Rat Zone

August 12, 2010


Obligatory joke about the rats in city hall. I’m glad I got that out of the way! For the past week, I have not seen a rat, nor have I seen evidence of rats coming and going. So I took this opportunity to clean the corner of my backyard where I first saw them. This […]


August 2, 2010


Rats have been an ongoing problem in my neighborhood. I am now in the midst of rodent-proofing my back yard because it is a rat thru-way between 2 abutting properties. On one side is the back lot of a commercial property, home to a hair cutting establishment and a pizza place. I could go into […]

Payback’s a Bitch

July 16, 2010


In this case, an American Staffordshire Terrier bitch. Don’t get me wrong, the story in the Lynn Item this morning about City Councilman Tim Phelan’s spending spree on display cases and frames for pictures of former mayors is an egregious abuse a questionable use of taxpayer funds that should be stopped immediately. Miscellaneous line items […]

Battlefield Barrage

July 2, 2010


Extra Bonus Free! Sale on Entire Inventory! No limits on quantity! The Pandemonium Fireworks flyer came screaming though our mail slot. Surely this was insult added to injury. They knew about my feelings of being under siege every 4th of July weekend in Lynn. They heard me shout “Yes!” as I pumped my fist when […]

Apply to be on a City Committee or Advisory Board

June 13, 2010


What’s that, you say? Got a problem with trash in the city? Want to improve the image of Lynn? Make it into more of a destination for business and residence? Playgrounds and Parks not clean enough for ya? Here’s an idea. Apply to be on a city committee or advisory board! Applications are being accepted […]

Henry Avenue Park

May 31, 2010


As recently as two years ago, Henry Avenue Park was not a place to bring the kids. In a final act of desperation, the city had taken down the basketball hoops to discourage “loitering and other activities happening in the parks.” Neglect was evident in the torn-down chain link fences, graffiti, vandalized playground equipment and […]

Developing a Better Neighborhood

May 23, 2010


The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2010 Connector, a publication focusing on nonprofits and their contributions to the community. The Lynnside Edition thanks the Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development as well as Grant Communications Consulting Group for allowing it republish the article in full. NDA helps turn around Jackson Street By Paul […]

Taking Pride in Lynn

May 11, 2010


World Music Festival

May 2, 2010


The video above features parts of two Khmer classical dances performed at last week’s Khmer New Year festival at the Temple Sanghikaram Wat Khmer on 110 Chestnut St. Please forgive my shaky hands. I should have brought a tripod. _______________________________________ “To understand a people’s culture, you must understand its music.” Confucius This quote was printed […]

2554: the Year of the Tiger

April 25, 2010


Welcome to the year 2554 of the Buddhist era!  Although the official date usually falls on the 13th or 14th of April, Lynn’s Khmer community celebrated the holiday on Saturday the 24th due to rain the week before. Festivities included traditional dancing, chanting, music, food (surprisingly no Cambodian cuisine, but good ole’ American hamburgers), games […]

What’s Goin’ On?

April 23, 2010


7:30 AM. Siren sound. Muffled megaphone announcement. Five bursts of siren again. Authoritative static-laced voice. Repeating ad nauseam, getting closer. OK, DPW truck, you’ve got my attention. “Street Cleaning on Essex St. Move your car, or you will get ticketed!” This is Lynn. No signage letting you know the street sweeping schedule. Maybe, if you […]