Highlands Oral History Project

May 14, 2013


Ana Stipanovic sought refuge from the war-torn region of Bosnia. Others came looking for decent jobs and food on the table, a better life. City Councilor Hong Net barely escaped from the killing fields of Cambodia, where starvation, disease and forced labor were the norm. Ana, Hong and many others who immigrated to Lynn or […]

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I’m Sure There Were More than 300 Volunteers in Lynn Saturday

April 28, 2013


“For a long time there have been rumors that Latinos come here to take,” the translator said. “We’re here to show that Latinos give.” The man speaking in Spanish before the crowd in front of city hall was Juan Gonzalez. I’ve known Juan for several years, but I did not know he was pastor of […]

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Misty Morning

October 21, 2012


Tidying Up

October 14, 2012


Surely, landlords have an interest in keeping their properties clean, maintaining the safety of their structures and providing the means by which tenants can safely dispose of trash. And certainly, tenants must faithfully use what the landlord gives them in terms of waste disposal. I’m sure tenants want  to live in a safe, clean environment, […]

The Tide is Turning

October 13, 2012


As I watched Thursday’s installment of Channel 5’s Chronicle on the city of Lynn, I couldn’t help but think about the rat my dog just killed. Sheena the greyhound, 11 years old, you still got it in you. You saw it, you chased it, you clamped your formidable canines on it, shook it and dropped […]

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Without Borders–A New Magazine

October 3, 2012


The first issue of Without Borders, a bilingual magazine featuring stories about successful Lynners making a positive difference in the city, is making its debut at the Lynn Museum  and Historical Society at 590 Washington St. on Thursday October 11, 2012, from 5-7 PM. Magazine founder and Lynn entrepreneur Juan Gonzalez says the first issue […]

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File Under “Don’t Take Me So Literally!”

September 27, 2012


Last week, I saw Uncle Joe, an owner of the commercial property next to mine, sitting in his truck and decided I would ask him about the upside-down couch sitting in his back lot, up against the fence between our properties. The couch was potential harborage for rats, I told him. “Can you move it?” […]

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